Guide to Grad School Personal Statement Format

Graduate School Application Format

After finishing college and graduating, one is usually needed to send a personal statement to join an application committee. You will probably have to compose one even when applying to various fellowships and college programs. One may also be needed to compose a letter of recommendation for a job opening. The personal statement assists the admission committee to see what the applicant possesses beyond academic credits and grades.

An application with a good curriculum vitae has various advantages. It helps the applicant to stand out. Moreover, the committee can evaluate the different applications based on the information. Since the vitae is a short and precise description, one may be tempted to exaggerate the abilities and achievements to impress the committee. This may not be a good idea, and you may be required to make amendments to your statement to bring out the person you are.

Formatting the Statement

The admission committee has to read numerous application letters. Therefore, they have developed a technique to increase the recognition ability of the personal statement. The following are the steps to follow:

  1. Select a topic: Most of the time, the theme may be given to you by the university. If not, select a relevant topic from within your field of study.
  2. Design your paper: After getting an idea or inspiration from the topic, create an outline to guide you through the writing.
  3. Write the first draft: In the first draft, start with an introduction that guides the reader on what to expect in the final copy. The introduction must be catchy to attract the reader’s attention. After writing the introduction, proceed to the body paragraphs. Each section must be confined to a single page. The body may have several alternative views to address the topic fully. Write as many paragraphs as possible, and ensure they are well presented to make a clear flow. Conclude with a powerful and persuasive conclusion.

The vitae has various sections that enable the committee to judge your application. The design, which appears on the letter, is the first thing the reader encounters. Therefore, it should be attractive and captivating. It should also include your educational background, work experience, and achievements. When composing the vitae, you should make it precise and precise to increase its ability to impress the committee.


After writing the first draft, revisions are necessary to ensure the quality is not compromised. You may want to consider the vitae as a professional paper. When making the necessary changes, make sure to save the original paper and return it to the university before the deadline elapses. When making the changes, you may have to use the outline to ensure the changes are not lost. When looking at the vitae in a dictionary, the words you use must be relevant and precise. Do not use words from thesaurus to make the writing more interesting. When the committee sees you read out your statement statistics project ideas high school word by word, they will know you are not a liar or incompetent.

If you have not understood anything about the graduate school personal statement format, the above-mentioned guidelines should help you compose a winning vitae.